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Upholstery Rehab carries a full line of auto-grade and marine-grade materials to recover any auto or marine upholstery job. Here's an overview of our pricing for auto and marine upholstery: 

--- AUTO ---


Small cars and single cab trucks: $150.00 + tax

Large cars, small suvs and ext or crew cab trucks: $200.00 + tax

Minivans and mid-size SUVs with rear air vents, etc.: $250.00 + tax

Large vans, large suvs or any vehicle with a sunroof panel that needs covered $300.00 + tax

(includes 5 year warranty, price subject to change due to specific makes and accessories)

Car seats: 

Prices includes labor and auto-grade fabric and vinyl materials. Additional cost for leather.

Single section replacement from wear: $150 + tax

Front bucket seats: start at $400.00 + tax

Rear bench seats: start at $500.00 + tax

Front bench seats: start at $400.00 + tax

Front bucket seat bottoms: start at $250.00 + tax

(includes 5 year warranty on craftsmanship and material)

--- MARINE ---

Prices include labor and marine-grade vinyl. Additional costs for foam and structural repair.

Boat Seats:

Bench style seat bottom 3ft-5ft or corner seat bottom: $150.00 + tax

Bench style seat back 3ft-5ft or corner seat back: $200.00 + tax

Decks: $400.00 + tax

Captains chairs: $400.00 + tax

Fishing seats: $250.00 + tax

Arm rests: $100.00 + tax

(includes 2 years craftsmanship warranty and 5 year manufacturer warranty on material)


ATV/Jetski seats:

Small dirtbike and fourwheeler: $75.00 + tax

Large dirtbike and fourwheeler: $100.00 + tax

Single seater jetski: $100.00 + tax

Two seater jetski: $150.00 + tax

Three seater jetski: $200.00 + tax

(includes 2 year warranty on craftsmanship.)



Upholstery Rehab reserves the right to change estimates or quotes at any time due to material price increase or unforeseen damage repair.