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When to reupholster?

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

Upholstery is often viewed as repair work, but it shouldn't be viewed that way exclusively. At Upholstery Rehab we do a lot of repair jobs. Sometimes a simple, inexpensive repair gets your favorite recliner reclining again, or sewing a busted seam keeps the foam in your car seat protected from a more costly repair later. However, when you reupholster a whole chair, sofa or car or boat interior, you're also making an investment. New upholstery will have a lifespan of five to twenty years if done right and cared for properly.

So in what situations should you have upholstery work done? Well, here's a few situations when it makes sense.

Furniture: Maybe its an antique or vintage piece that you found at an estate sale that has a timeless quality to it. Perhaps it's a hand-me-down from a loved one that has sentimental value. Or maybe it's just an old favorite that's too comfortable to replace. Each of these cases is a great idea to get reupholstery work done because you know you'll want to keep this furniture for years, maybe decades to come.

Cars & Trucks: As long as there are classic car and truck enthusiasts, there will be upholsterers doing work for them. Classic cars are a fun way to get creative and make your interior exactly how you want it. Maybe you want a complete restoration to how your car looked when it rolled off the showroom floor, or perhaps a complete custom job incorporating modern technology with classic styling. Upholstery isn't just for your vintage ride though. Sometimes cars and trucks come out of the factory with less than quality materials which becomes apparent after just a couple of years on the road. Headliners start drooping, seams start busting, door panels start bubbling, carpet starts wearing thin... you name it! If you know your car or truck isn't headed for the scrap heap in the next couple of years, then you owe it to yourself to get your upholstery back up to par.

Boats: Marine upholstery probably takes the most abuse of any upholstery work. Subject to UV rays and frequent dampness which can lead to mildew and mold, your boat seats, cushions and carpet take a beating. Boat upholstery, generally speaking, can get expensive because UV rated vinyl material and thread are needed. But when done right, a fresh and clean boat interior can make your boat look new again and can add hundreds to your resale value.

Commercial: If your business has places for people to sit (from restaurants to doctor office waiting rooms to corporate or hotel lobbies), then eventually you'll need new upholstery, and probably sooner than you think. First impressions matter a lot, so even if you've got accustomed to that booth or chair just has a small tear in the vinyl, that doesn't mean your customers have too. Get that thing recovered and keep exceeding your customers expectations with an updated and inviting environment.

If you're located in Fort Worth and the northwest DFW metroplex area, contact us so we can make your next upholstery project a reality!

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